Segal Family Foundation

About Segal Family Foundation

At Segal, we believe in a world where development is steered by grassroots leaders and power is shifted into the hands of communities. We work across Sub-Saharan Africa and strive to be true partners to our grantees. We want to change the power dynamics inherent in traditional philanthropy and prove that a new, more equitable, and responsive approach is not only more fair, but more effective. We support 300+ incredible organizations that are finding local and scalable solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa’s most pressing development challenges. We offer our grantee partners financial and capacity-building support, aimed at giving them a larger network of peer organizations and like-minded funders to share learnings and new opportunities as well as provide technical expertise. 

Our vibrant team works virtually across continents. We move fast and adapt quickly as we find new and exciting ways to push our mission forward. We’ve got a lot of ambition, and we are looking for team members that will continue to help us punch above our weight.

Our team in Africa is spread across five countries and is responsible for finding and nurturing our community of grantee partners. They also lead in implementing our unique Active Partnership model of funding and capacitating our grantees, including our flagship program catered to very early-stage organizations- the Social Impact Incubator. Our global team is responsible for supporting our Africa-side operations and is home to our data systems, evaluation, and communications, in addition to Partnerships work.