Judge Baker Children's Center dba The Baker Center for Children and Families

Judge Baker Children's Center, dba The Baker Center for Children and Families (The Baker Center), https://bakercenter.org, is a 105-year-old Boston-based Harvard Medical School affiliated nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the best possible outcomes in mental health and special education for children and families. With locations in Boston and in Waltham, The Baker Center works at the local, state, and national levels to bring effective care to children and families and make an enduring and transformational impact in their lives. The Baker Center is a nationally recognized institution that is leader in children’s mental health and bridges the gap between research and innovative, effective practice. Children and families who seek services at The Baker Center are often given hope and find success despite the complex challenges they often face.

The Baker Center mission is to promote the best possible mental health of children and families through the integration of research, intervention, training, and advocacy.