The Hepatitis Education Project (HEP) is committed to improving the health of underserved communities disproportionately impacted by viral hepatitis. By providing support, education, advocacy, health, and social services for people affected by hepatitis and by raising awareness among patients, medical providers, and the public, HEP strives to realize its vision of a world where everybody has access to affordable, high-quality care to support all their health needs. Founded in 1993 by medical professionals and individuals living with hepatitis, HEP has grown from a small group of volunteers to a staff of 19 and expanded its services and tools in response to both changing needs and by partnering with the renowned advocacy group, NVHR. HEP also manages the National Hepatitis Corrections Network (NHCN), a network of partners with a public health approach to hepatitis education, prevention, testing, and treatment in prisons and jails. Now, in their 30th year and at a period of reflection and evolution, HEP seeks a new Executive Director (ED) to usher in the next era of this storied and accomplished organization.


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