Equalize Health

Equalize Health is a global nonprofit medical device design and development company that prioritizes the user needs in the products and services. We have been recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative organizations and the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. The scaling of our first product, Brilliance, is monumental in global health – it is one of the earliest examples of a nonprofit-developed global health product scaling through the market and impacting the world’s poorest patients. Equalize Health now has a portfolio addressing four critical health issues. To date, over 1 million patients have been treated with Equalize Health devices, and we have had sales in 70+ countries.

We believe that good health is a human right. The need for quality healthcare spans the economic spectrum. Regardless of where you are from and what you do, health is critical to well-being, productivity, and autonomy. For people to live their best lives, they must be healthy. We exist to design and deliver medical technologies that close the quality healthcare gap for underserved populations.