Environmental League of Massachusetts


To secure the health and wellbeing of the environment and of future generations.


A world where government fully recognizes the challenges we face and moves swiftly and effectively to address them.


We advocate for policy that meets the scale and urgency of our environmental challenges.


We think systemically and plan for the future.

We are driven by the potential of our work to impact future generations. We see the connection between all things: people and planet, policy and social justice, environmental and economic health. We think critically about intersectionality and the complexities of cause and effect.

We are strategic and ambitious.

We are motivated by the enormity of the challenges we face and by Massachusetts’ potential to lead the world. We are science-based, data-driven, and results-oriented. We choose priorities based on their impact on the Commonwealth and their potential to be adapted and scaled.

We prioritize equity, inclusion, and environmental justice.

We recognize that bias, racism, classism, and privilege determine who has power. We use our influence to help remedy the harm caused by centuries of environmental racism and to build a more equitable future. We are dedicated to anti-racism and to reckoning with our own biases.

Partnerships are at the heart of how we work.

We believe that trust is the foundation for progress. Our strength is rooted in our relationships. We convene varied stakeholders to forge common ground. If we disagree, it is with respect. We listen carefully, consider divergent perspectives, and operate with integrity.