GO Project

The GO Project helps New York City public school students thrive in the earliest stages of their education through year-round academic, social-emotional, and family support. For more than five decades, GO has equipped thousands of children with the confidence and skills needed to make academic gains, perform at or above grade level, enroll in high-performing middle and high schools, graduate on time, and achieve college success. By harnessing New York’s physical, financial, and intellectual resources, GO has grown into a $3.3 million organization serving 700 students in grades K-8 across five independent host-site school campuses in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.


The GO Project was named one of the most effective summer program models in the United States by the National Summer Learning Association, highlighted as an effective out-of-school time program as part of American Graduate Day on PBS, and recognized for its outstanding board leadership as a finalist for the Brooke W. Mahoney Award, among other distinctions. Learn more about the organization at www.goprojectnyc.org.