Education for Sharing

Education for Sharing (E4S) is an international organization with the mission of raising better
global citizens from childhood through the power of active play. We use play and experiential
learning to foster social and emotional learning skills in children while creating a collaborative,
a safe and bully-free environment that provides students with an opportunity to cultivate
self-worth and self-confidence.

Over the past 15 years, E4S has built out a methodology that has revolutionized the way
teachers teach. It aims to leave installed capacities in the educational spaces we work
with long after we are gone. We believe that play is a universal language and a connector of
diversity that works in any context. Therefore, we have carefully crafted our programs 
based on a socio-constructivist framework, where children and youth of different backgrounds
can acquire knowledge while playing together. We foster a fun and creative alternative 
that promotes core civic values such as respect, gender equality, empathy, tolerance
and fair play, and democratic participation. The methodology targets social and emotional skills
such as social awareness, relationships, and decision-making skills. Programs also use the
SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals) to create awareness and local-scale action
on global problems.