Knapp Community Care Foundation

The Foundation was created in 2013 when the nonprofit hospital, Knapp Medical Center, was acquired by the nonprofit Prime Healthcare Services Foundation. As a healthcare conversion private foundation, the Foundation is required by law to invest its assets in charitable purposes similar to those of the original nonprofit entity. Knapp Community Care Foundation is location-based and was established to benefit Mid-Valley families.

In 2014, Knapp Community Care Foundation (KCCF) began making grant distributions to fund nonprofit organizations that impact, improve, and sustain the long-term health of residents in their communities. Since then, the Foundation has provided more than $47 million in grant funding.

In 2018, KCCF made the strategic decision to focus on strengthening the Mid-Valley region through a concentrated nonprofit capacity building effort. Organizations participate in an in-depth, holistic organizational assessment process. Since then, the Foundation has granted $521,898 to strengthen organizational effectiveness and efficiencies. In 2022, the Foundation launched the "Nonprofit Leaders for Excellence" program in partnership with Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation. The inaugural class of 12 Rio Grande Valley nonprofit leaders gather monthly to learn, network, and collaborate on leadership, governance, operations, and more.

In 2022, KCCF’s board once again renewed its commitment to strengthening the Mid-Valley region, this time, through impact investing. The Foundation has recently partnered with Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc. (AHSTI) and the City of Weslaco to bring additional affordable housing to the Mid-Valley region. It is projected to result in approximately 114 new single-family homes for low to moderate-income families and 44 four-plex units. This investment demonstrates KCCF’s understanding and commitment to the relationship between safe affordable housing for families in the Mid-Valley and their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The Foundation has an annual budget of $6.65 million, an asset size of $115 million and is managed by a four-member staff and an 11-member Board of Directors.