MDC, a nonprofit in Durham, N.C., focused on expanding opportunity, reducing poverty, and promoting equity, particularly in the South. Founded in 1967, MDC is a nonprofit organization that equips Southern leaders, institutions, and communities to improve economic mobility and advance equity, particularly racial and gender equity. Our vision is a South where all people thrive. MDC enjoys support from a broad mix of foundations and other funders, including public sector, corporate and individual funders.  Our lead strategies are:

  • Framing an equity agenda through our State of the South series
  • Systems change through initiatives that center on early childhood education and development; talent development (including early childhood development, workforce development, post-secondary access); and family economic security (including access to supports and benefits for families; reducing the impact of student debt)
  • Equity-centered leadership through initiatives to shape philanthropic practice in the South and efforts to equip Southern leaders to lead with equity-centered principles and strategies