GO Foundation

The mission of the GO Foundation is to provide students with access to a quality education through high-dosage tutoring. We envision an America where every child has the support of a tutor to enable them to realize their full human potential.

At the GO Foundation, we recruit, train, and support a corps of young adults who are placed in partner schools where they intensively tutor students as a part of a year of service through the federal AmeriCorps program. We call our tutors “Fellows” to encompass the several roles they play to instruct, mentor, and develop the students with whom they are matched.

The GO Foundation invests in the vitality of the communities in which our schools operate and in building an organization that is representative of them. We are committed to combating racism. The GO Foundation intentionally recruits a diverse group of tutors who reflect the children we serve and fosters inclusive learning environments for all students and staff.

The GO Foundation invests in our Fellows’ own personal and professional development and invites a select group into a residency program to train them to become effective classroom teachers.