Archstone Foundation

Archstone Foundation is a private non-profit grantmaking organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of older Californians and their caregivers.  Our vision is that all older Californians have access to high-quality coordinated care that effectively integrates health and social services. 

The Foundation’s grantmaking focus is guided by three coordinated strategies, our Three Ts: Teams, Training, and Technology, with DEI principles interwoven throughout.  We are committed to advancing TEAM care that is person-and family-centered.  We believe that the TRAINING is an essential element of effective team care.  We know that TECHNOLOGY is critical for timely and coordinated communication.  It is through our values that we conduct our work and ourselves: Accountability, Compassion, Diversity, Equity , and Inclusion, Innovation, Integrity, Learning, Openness, Responsibility, Partnership and Collaboration.