Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition

About the Role: 

This new position will support CNC’s mission to advance equity and justice in the community by strengthening the Cambridge nonprofit sector, building collective voice and promoting collaboration. 

This is a new, dynamic, thought partnership role supporting the development of the Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition at an exciting time with opportunity for plenty of growth. The deputy director will be primarily spearheading fundraising plans, as well as finance, human resources, and partnering with the Executive Director to advance other organizational priorities. (Part-time).

About the Organization:

Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition is a membership-grounded organization composed of 80+ nonprofits serving Cambridge residents (and beyond) and focusing on a wide range of issue areas including but not limited to: food security, housing stability, financial security, early childhood and youth development, and preserving the natural environment. While our member organizations have different missions, all are committed to promoting equity in Cambridge and believe that we should be able to achieve this goal given the level of talent and resources. 

As an organization, we are at an exciting time for growth and innovation as we consider paths to a 501(c)3 status, add this new position, and strengthen our roots in the Cambridge community by deepening our work with our members and other nonprofits as well as our partners in local government and the business community. 


Job Responsibilities:
Fundraising & Finance:

  • Partner with the executive director to implement CNC’s new 3-year strategic plan that aims to: deepen relationships between CNC and member organizations, between members themselves while responding to their needs, and advocate for local government decisions that support the ability of Cambridge nonprofits to advance their missions. The plan puts priority on growing CNC’s budget with the goal of a 13-20% increase in revenue each year 

  • Lead, implement, and co-design annual fundraising plans, including: securing new institutional funders, building new relationships and partnerships, soliciting major gifts, conducting outreach to the Cambridge business community to support CNC’s growth, and contributing to the overall fundraising strategy for the annual budget

  • Draft and submit proposals, applications, and funder reports as needed 

  • Supervise intern in conducting follow up with CNC members for annual fee payments to ensure all member organizations are up to date. 


Human Resources & Leadership

  • Co-design CNC staff organizational structure with executive director and steering committee members 

  • Design, implement and roll out of plans to:

    • increase staff capacity

    • conduct intern/staff recruitment and onboarding plans

    • select and implement a staff benefits program

    • provide access to professional development, and 

    • develop organizational policies for growth, inclusion, and a sustainable healthy culture

  • Supervision of interns and consultants as appropriate. Co-facilitate staff meetings, encourage team members to help build and contribute to staff meeting agendas

  • Co-design with executive director, calendar of professional development opportunities for staff of membership organizations and non-member nonprofits



  • Join Cambridge business associations and represent CNC at meetings and other gatherings

  • Present testimony and public comment on behalf of the coalition when appropriate and/or attend community meetings representing CNC when CNC executive director is unavailable.


What you bring to the table:


  • Relationship building comes naturally to you; you have excellent interpersonal skills and emotional awareness.

  • Fundraising experience; we are open to transferable skills, show us how you can fundraise or have fundraised before. Partnership building, major gifts soliciting, foundation relationship building are all valuable skills in this role.

  • Experience hiring, managing, leading, and inspiring teams.

  • Track record of compelling written and oral communication; as well as presentation skills and public speaking interest.

  • Project management and organizational skills; ability to manage multiple projects with attention to detail, track progress toward achieving objectives and develop long-term plans and follow-through on progress.

  • Embody the values of DEIJ work with a willingness to learn and grow; remain open to change, accountable, and responsive to needs of the community

  • Strong belief in social justice and the use of collaboration as a tool to solve social problems.

  • Positive attitude and sense of humor. 

  • Prior experience in the nonprofit sector and a connection to the Cambridge community is a plus.

  • An interest in growing a nonprofit membership coalition to support the advancement of the missions of the Cambridge nonprofits 

Education and Experience Desired

  • We are open to a wide variety of educational and professional experiences; show us how they are relevant to this role.

  • Leadership experience and fundraising capacity are the two key areas we’ll be looking at most and are most important to this role. 

  • CNC values the insights, contributions, perspectives, and ideas gained from lived experiences related to CNC’s mission of advancing equity in Cambridge


We imagine that the right candidate for this role may have:

  • Higher education degrees OR certifications, professional development experiences that have prepared them with the listed skills needed 

  • 6-10 years of professional experience or transferable experiences 

  • Some formal supervision experience 


We know that many people (especially people of color, women, LGBTQ+, or people with disabilities) are less likely to apply if they do not check off all the boxes. If you think you’re a good fit for this role, we encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all our desired expectations. 


Benefits & Details

  • This is a 25-30 hour a week, part-time role with a flexible schedule  

  • Remote/Hybrid: While most of this job can be done remotely, being able to attend in-person events, meetings, and networking sessions in the Cambridge area will be needed on a regular basis 

  • Salary range: $48,000-$54,000

  • Unlimited PTO: We believe in time off that works for you, our unlimited PTO leaves room for folks to take vacation, sick days, bereavement days, etc when they need to. Communication and a check-in before doing so within a supportive relationship with the ED. 

  • Paid City of Cambridge Holidays: In addition to our PTO policy, we also will offer paid holidays on the City of Cambridge schedule. 

  • Professional Development stipend: $750 annually

  • Our goal is to move toward salaried and fully benefitted roles when possible 

To Apply:

Send an email to ( with your resume and a short (max 200 words) answer to each of the following three questions (please attach both in a pdf or doc format)


  1. What interests you in the mission and work of Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition?

  2. Tell us about a fundraising success OR a relevant transferable skill that will enable you to excel in the fundraising duties of this role. 

  3. How do you empower your teams or staff members to succeed in their roles?


Questions about this application or request for an accommodation in the interview or application process? Email


CNC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As an organization dedicated to advancing equity in Cambridge, women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community and persons with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply. We are an inclusive community and value the unique perspectives and contributions that people of all backgrounds and life experiences can bring to our small but mighty team.