Grow Food Northampton

Grow Food Northampton's mission is to create a just and resilient local food and farming system that nourishes our community and protects and enriches the earth.

GFN is creating a racially and economically just local food and farming system in the Northampton, MA area. We do this work along a public health continuum by both responding to the immediate needs of community members grappling with hunger, and providing long-term, foundational solutions to food insecurity. We have three core components of programming: 1) land access & stewardship; 2) food access; and 3) community education. We:


- Provide access to nutritious, affordable, and culturally relevant local food;

- Steward and offer productive and sustainably-managed farmland to community gardeners and farmers, prioritizing farmers from communities marginalized and harmed by the conventional food system;

- Mobilize the community to exchange knowledge about gardening, farming, and creating a just local food system; and

- Dismantle oppressive systems in our local food system and shift power to community members most affected by food insecurity and a lack of access to farmland to grow food.