Transformative Change (XC)

We are a multi-directional ecosystem that creates the conditions for personal, collective, and global transformation, with Rev. angel Kyodo williams’ body of work as the throughline. The constellation consists of a corporation, a non-profit, and a personal brand. Respectively, these entities are MNDFL, Transformative Change, the angel group, and several incubation projects. We have fondly nicknamed, working across these entities that Rev. angel’s work infuses as the Axis of Liberation.

Transformative Change (XC) is the umbrella non-profit organization stewarding a body of work, projects and programs that offer pathways of cultivating inner awareness as a foundation for engaging in social justice work. Our mission is to ground social justice in embodied presence so that our movement can meet this pivotal moment with fierce love and rigorous practice. 

Founder and Senior Fellow to XC is Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei (Rev. angel), a dharma teacher, activist and foremost thinker in the emerging Transformative Change movement.