Sall Family Foundation

About Sall Family Foundation 

Sall Family Foundation (“SFF”), founded more than 30 years ago, supports transformative change at the nexus between the environment, public health, and economic livelihoods. 

We believe that the people in communities are best placed to make the decisions that affect their everyday lives, enabling them to generate locally governed and sustainable solutions for the long term – benefiting both people and nature. 

SFF’s vision is turned into reality by a simple approach – backing leaders and organizations closest to the big challenges to the environment, public health, and poverty, empowering them to experiment, learn, and evolve as the planet around them changes. This is achieved through the funding of both locally-led civil society organizations and larger non-profit agencies with whom we encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration. This ensures that community-driven approaches can leverage collective wisdom, scientific evidence, and scale efficiencies. 

Our work is driven by curiosity, learning, and experimentation. We embrace the complexity and long-term nature of problems, knowing that simplifying situations rarely leads to sustainable solutions that break the mold. 

SFF’s investments span the geographies of Latin America, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Arctic. While some of what we have learned has been applied in different contexts, some of the complexity of the problems addressed is unique to the setting. 

Every place is different, so we have collaborated closely for decades with trusted partners with deep expertise in regions worldwide. We value honest dialogue with these partners, which we believe breeds deep trust, a culture of continuous improvement, and an empowering flexibility that allows our ecosystem and the communities we touch to constantly experiment, evolve and reassess the road to the greatest impact.