Tenacity is a dynamic nonprofit organization that empowers under-resourced Massachusetts youth to graduate from high school and achieve post-secondary success. Since our founding in 1999, Tenacity has been providing high-dosage youth enrichment programs that promote literacy, life skills, tennis/fitness skills, and social/emotional growth. We have served more than 45,000 students, ages 6-22, from Boston, Worcester, and Chelsea, MA. Tenacity’s objectives include:

·    Provide 300+ hours of youth enrichment programming per year, helping students from under-resourced neighborhoods grow academically and socially while improving their level of fitness

·    Provide literacy skills that promote critical thinking and understanding through a literacy curriculum designed around themes of social justice and student empowerment

·    Provide racquet sports and fitness instruction that results in athletic skills, improved physical fitness, an understanding of health, enthusiasm for sport, and tenacity/perseverance on and off the court

·    Foster long-term, supportive relationships between students and Tenacity staff to encourage high school completion and post-secondary success

For 22 years, Tenacity students have achieved a 95% high school graduation rate, higher than the 2021 average graduation rates in Boston (79%) and Massachusetts (90%). As well, 70% of Tenacity students are succeeding in or have completed college or other structured post-secondary programs, which significantly exceeds the rate for Boston Public School students (38%). 

 Tenacity is recognized as a leader in in-school, after-school, and summer programs. All of our well-rounded programs provide literacy/academic support along with racquet sports/fitness instruction, offering youth personal attention and the opportunity to develop age-appropriate literacy skills, life skills, and physical fitness. Our school-year Pathway to Post-Secondary Success serves Boston Public Schools students, while our Summer Tennis & Reading Program is open to all children in Boston, Worcester, and Chelsea.