Ploughshares Fund

Ploughshares Fund is a global security foundation that seeks to reduce nuclear threats and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons. We believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure future.

In order to fundamentally transform nuclear policy, we seek to strengthen the nuclear field through a combination of providing supportive services to the field; actively convening and engaging our partners including through new processes and strategic approaches; and providing funding to organizations and projects that forward our mission.

Across all of our work, we seek to engage new voices and diverse perspectives; motivate the public and build power with allies; stimulate new approaches and challenge status quo thinking; and catalyze inclusion within the nuclear field and our organization through Equity Rises.
Equity Rises aims to increase equity and justice in nuclear policies and institutions by empowering diverse voices, cultivating inclusive spaces (across identity, sector, and geography), and collaborating with new partners both inside and outside the nuclear field.
Ploughshares Fund is a public foundation that relies on the generous support of individuals, families and foundations.