Sweet Grass Consulting, LLC

Sweet Grass Consulting, LLC was established in 2014 and provides professional consulting services around impact, research, and strategy that promote and support asset-based initiatives in economically burdened communities. We assist for- and non-profits that are dedicated to promoting self-determination, equity, and well-being. Sweet Grass is committed to participatory methods and has a combined 30+ years of experience in impact, research, and strategy.

More and more, the world is driven by data.

And when that data doesn’t accurately reflect the people it purports to serve—when it excludes tribal nation knowledge, or perpetuates inequitable power distribution — communities can’t apply it for their development and wellbeing. Their values and priorities are removed from information about them. And that restricts their ability to grow and become stronger in alignment with their lifeways. 

In partnership with the communities we serve, we seek to remedy that. Because when information does embody true representation, we can apply it in ways that deliver true impact.  

It’s how we carry a community’s interests through everything from needs assessments, to impact measurement systems, to strategic planning. It’s how we help groups of people prepare for their next steps while respecting their past. And it’s how we forge trusting relationships with our partners.

When we invest in knowledge that truly represents communities, we help people actualize what matters to them most.

That’s using data for good.