Project Healthy Minds

Who we are:

Project Healthy Minds is a new millennial/Gen Z-driven non-profit startup focused on tackling one of the defining issues of our generation: the growing mental health crisis.

The problem we're solving:

615 million people worldwide and 65 million Americans are diagnosed with a mental health condition, and yet 60% never get mental health support. There are three drivers of this "treatment gap": (1) the stigmatization of the health topic, (2) people don’t know where/how to access care, and (3) insurance constraints and a workforce shortage preclude too many people from being able to afford care.

What we do:

We're building a digital discovery marketplace (think or Expedia for discovering mental health services) -- to make it easier to find mental health care.

We're building an unprecedented national anti-stigma and education campaign featuring celebrities -- to destigmatize mental health and meet millennials/Gen Z where they actually are.

We're creating the first national standards for what businesses should do to better serve the mental health needs of their employees -- to expand availability of care.