PS21 Center for Contemporary Performance

PS21 Center for Contemporary Performance, located in the Hudson Valley, presents
innovative programming by leading and emerging artists in music, dance, theater,
contemporary performance and the visual and multimedia arts. Our campus is nestled
among farmlands and sits on one hundred acres of open space, wooded trails and
apple orchards.

Since the state-of-the-art, 300 seat flexible-configuration theater was inaugurated in
2018, PS21 has evolved into the Hudson Valley’s mecca for new programming,
fostering creativity and community engagement through residencies and collaborations
between performers across disciplines and genres. PS21 has garnered the reputation
as “a Hudson Valley outpost of the avant-garde” (The New York Times, June 2022).
PS21 has created PATHWAYS: Blazing Trails to a Sustainable Future, an ambitious,
multi-faceted series of spectacle, performances, art installations, educational
workshops, international contemporary circus, and participatory events designed for
young and old, individuals and families, all offered for free or at very low cost. We invite
everyone to explore and engage at the intersection of nature, community and the arts.
We reach broad audiences and provide the surrounding region with opportunities for
arts engagement regardless of economic status, cultural background or age. In our
new, green facility, PS21 offers resident makers and performers the tools and flexibility for successful innovation and collaboration in the development of sophisticated, multi-
media work.

Our Executive & Artistic Director Elena Siyanko is an internationally recognized curator,
producer and leader in the arts. Our annual operating budget is approximately
$1,000,000 with a goal to double this amount within five years.