Lowcountry Land Trust

Our Mission: To protect land and water forever, nurture relationships between people and place, and connect conservation to community.

Our Vision: A Lowcountry where land, water, and people thrive together.

Lowcountry Land Trust is the most successful regional land trust in South Carolina and one of the leading local land trusts in the nation. At Lowcountry Land Trust we take an innovative approach to conservation. A hallmark of our success is our proven ability to work with landowners to protect lands encompassing some of the country's most diverse wildlife habitats and scenic waterways. 

Lowcountry Land Trust’s Land Conservation Program endeavors to improve the health and productivity of the entire Lowcountry landscape by further connecting networks of protected properties, as well as protecting areas of cultural significance to the community. The networks (or corridors) of connected, protected properties include relatively pristine examples of natural habitat along river corridors, salt marshes, family farms, and extensive working forests. We achieve our goals by 1) conserving strategic priorities, 2) stewarding portfolio properties and maintaining existing landowner relationships, and 3) expanding our impact in the community.  

Our Core Values:

Trustworthy - We are ethical, professional, honest, and accountable.

Intentional -  We are pragmatic and take a strategic approach to accomplishing our mission.

Innovative - We seek new tools and creative methods to further our mission.

 Collaborative - We partner with others to multiply our impact in the Lowcountry.

Nimble - We are agile as an organization and able to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges.  

Local - We are embedded within the community and serve as a visible, trusted partner.