Demand Progress Educational Fund

Executive Director

Demand Progress Education Fund (DPEF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and Demand Progress Action (DPA), a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, are sister organizations focused on holding concentrated corporate power to account, striving for a robust democracy, and demanding human rights and justice for ordinary people.

DPEF/DPA work to promote progressive policies by educating the public, organizing broad grassroots campaigns, leading lobbying initiatives, and leveraging our staff’s policy expertise to advocate effectively in Washington and beyond. We have a team of approximately 20 employees and regular contractors. We have one million affiliated activists, and we regularly collaborate with diverse coalitions that transcend political lines to achieve shared goals.


DPEF/DPA seek an Executive Director (or co-Executive Directors, to be determined over the course of the search process) to lead the organizations, including by guiding overall policy work, communications, fundraising, outreach, strategy, and daily operations. The Executive Director will work in partnership with the organizations’ boards to set priorities, develop policy agendas, and ensure funding for annual budgets.


Our mission is to contest concentrated corporate power and hold government accountable. DPEF/DPA have programs focused on fighting corporate power, defending internet freedom, and championing human and civil rights.

We fight undue corporate power with a focus on breaking up monopolies and taking back power for the people by pushing the government to regulate the private sector in the public interest; we work to protect the democratic and open character of the internet; and we oppose mass surveillance and militarism and strive to promote diplomacy.

We regularly employ a variety of tactics that include public education, policy advocacy, participation in administrative rulemaking processes, communications work, grassroots mobilization, and more.

Past marquis campaigns have involved promoting net neutrality, fighting online censorship, regulating illegal monopolies, promoting demilitarization, and promoting public officials with progressive ideals who will work for the best interest of everyday people.