Fueled by an unwavering belief that everyone is worthy of love and deserves to live a life without exploitation, REST exists to expand pathways to freedom, safety, and hope to end sex trafficking. The work of REST began in 2009 on the streets of Seattle, building relationships with people involved in the sex trade, the majority of whom were being trafficked. The objective was to build trust, ask what they needed, and make sure they received it. If what they needed didn't exist or didn't work, REST committed to building it. At the time there were very few services designed to meet the unique needs of survivors of trafficking, so REST spent the next decade building out what would become one of the largest continuums of services designed by and dedicated for victims and survivors of sex trafficking in the United States. Over 600 individuals engage with REST each year, and more than 400 of them enroll in one or more of REST's services like emergency shelter, community- based advocacy, behavioral health, economic empowerment, transitional housing, or permanent housing.