Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

About The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Arthur M. Blank is recognized for his values-based Blank Family of Businesses (BFOB) and as one of America’s leading philanthropists through the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. All his industry-leading businesses, including the foundation, operate on six core values: Put People First, Listen and Respond, Include Everyone, Innovate Continuously, Lead by Example, and Give Back to Others.

After 27 years and over $1 billion in giving, the foundation has committed to significantly escalating the impact of its philanthropy over the next 10+ years. This milestone coincides with deeper participation among the next generation of Blank family members on the board and in advisory capacities, partnering around their shared core beliefs, as well as the Jewish value of tikkun olam (“heal and repair the world”).

The Board has selected five collective areas of giving, which include Environment, with a focus on addressing climate change through clean energy and natural climate solutions; Democracy, with an emphasis on strengthening the structures and relationships that lead to good governance; Mental Health and Well Being, with a focus on creating opportunities for young people to live connected and purpose-filed lives; Youth Development, with a focus on workforce development; and Atlanta’s historic Westside, with a focus on affordable housing and economic mobility. Geographically, much of the work prioritizes the Southeastern and Western regions, with a particular focus on Georgia and Montana.

The foundation prioritizes respect, relationships and results, and we focus on outcome-driven strategies that diligently employ measurement and evaluation strategies to learn and improve.