Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Our Mission

EPIP's mission is to empower emerging leaders and elevate philanthropic practice in order to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world.


Our Vision

EPIP envisions a world where people of all identities can live full and prosperous lives, supported by a diverse, equitable, inclusive and effective philanthropic sector.

More specifically, we envision a field that:

  • Fosters healthy, safe and inclusive work environments, where staff from diverse backgrounds and life experiences can bring their whole selves to work;
  • Responds to and is inclusive of nonprofits and local communities - especially those most vulnerable, such as people of color, LGBTQ people, women, immigrants and refugees, etc. - in grantmaking, activities and decision-making;
  • Communicates in plain language, models transparency, makes itself deeply accessible to the public and communities, and devotes energy to making the grantee experience efficient and empowering;
  • Takes bold stances on issues and is willing to incur risks to uphold our most deeply held values and ideals; and
  • Continuously pushes itself to test creative approaches and adopt effective practices to advance all of the above.