Book Summer is an online program designed to address an accelerating crisis among today’s tweens and teens – the precipitous drop in time spent reading.   Indeed, many kids now do not read, at all, unless forced to do so in school.   

We aim to pilot, prove and scale a model to stop and reverse this declining reading trend.   Our online model will match enthusiastic and highly skilled moderators to tweens and teens leveraging easy to use and fun online tools to create (or re-start) a joy for reading.   We’ll find the right books that match kids’ interests – the “book hook” -- and create a global online community of kids who can share and build upon their reading experiences with each other.   

There is no reason why reading can’t be fun, interesting and social.   Starting or re-starting a pleasure reading habit will create a lifetime of enjoyment and build the skills (curiosity, patience, persistence and language) for future intellectual and professional stimulation, growth and success.