Positively Partners

We believe that organizations succeed when leaders invest in building pro-social, inclusive, and collaborative workplaces. Through genuine partnership, curiosity, and a commitment to shared learning, we help organizations adopt evidence-based approaches to recruitment, people management, and HR operations.

Jun 06, 2024  
$175,000 - $185,000 yearly
Building Impact (BI) is a nonprofit organization that is transforming corporate volunteering by providing individuals and companies with the knowledge and opportunities to volunteer, donate and connect in the places where they work, study and live. As more companies and their employees seek ways to authentically support the communities in which they live and operate, partnering with Building Impact offers a seamless way to prioritize nonprofit needs while also generating essential team connections at work. At BI, our model starts with nonprofit partnership where we lead with understanding community needs. From there, we co-design programs and projects that are engaging, fulfilling and meaningful for all stakeholders, including the corporate volunteers who are passionate about meeting community needs. We partner with nonprofit, corporate and civic leaders to address complex social issues through volunteering. Our three step model--listen, design and measure--ensures that...
Positively Partners Hybrid (Boston, MA, USA) Full-Time