Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership

At CVNL, we know that passion alone isn’t enough when it comes to creating strong nonprofits. That’s why we work with leaders and volunteers every day to help them build the skills and connections that can take their impact to the next level. With confident and prepared leaders and volunteers, our nonprofits will be better equipped to create healthy, happy, more equitable communities.

Join our growing team of diverse change-agents committed to building and fostering stronger communities in the North Bay and beyond. Just as we focus on our nonprofit and volunteer partners, we care deeply that every member of our team has opportunities to contribute and grow. At CVNL, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are nonnegotiable and know that this work is a commitment inside and out. Our team is a mission-centered, collaborative, and nimble group of talented individuals that works diligently to hold our values of care, connect, and contribute in all we do.