The Education for the Children Foundation

The Education for the Children Foundation (EFTC) is a recognized NGO in the United States, Guatemala, and England, whose mission is to provide opportunities through high-quality comprehensive education and effective empowerment. We work together with families, children and young adolescents of scarce resources in and around Jocotenango, Guatemala to ensure the development of the skills necessary to have a stable future. Our program supports students from kindergarten to University by providing multidisciplinary support through the social services and career guidance programs to define their next steps. The social services program covers the areas of nutrition, access to safe water, health, hygiene, and psychological support so that students can grow, learn, and succeed.

That young people from all backgrounds have the ability to access quality education and opportunities for rewarding employment.

Driven by a commitment to equal opportunities, the Education for the Children Foundation has worked with young people and families from the Jocotenango area since 2003 to access quality education, nutritious food, healthcare and social support. Through a highly individualised holistic approach we strive to empower young people with the skills and confidence to be successful in their chosen careers.