Libertas Home

Libertas Home will be the first safe home for minor survivors of trafficking in Northern Virginia. Currently, minor survivors who are rescued are often placed in foster care or in juvenile detention, neither of which provide the care and resources to help them heal. Our safe home will provide education and therapy designed specifically for them.

Our mission is to create a safe home for girls, ages 11-17, who are survivors of sex trafficking and to aid our community in identifying and preventing the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors.

It is our vision to see our community actively investing in children’s lives through parenting, mentoring, fostering, and adopting. We believe that every child deserves good parents, a happy childhood, and a loving home.

 It is our vision to see people actively protecting children from predators, both in person and online. We believe that those who are able to identify evil are more likely to be able to prevent it. 

It is our vision is to see families and trafficking victims free from the devastating effects of pornography. We believe that true societal growth can only be achieved when men protect women and children.