CMP was founded in 2014 with the mission of connecting communities who believe in the power of great storytelling to increase awareness and ignite social change. Originally launched as the Chicago Media Project, we now go by our acronym CMP because it nods to our roots and speaks to our deeper purpose: community, media, and philanthropy. 


CMP’s member base, a diverse group of individuals across the country who share a passion for our mission, has been the backbone of our organization since our founding. We have fostered a creative, empathetic, and dynamic community of people who have propelled CMP’s growth and development. With our members’ support, we employ a Community Model of Philanthropy, using our collective resources to provide financial support to historically under-funded filmmakers; host community-gathering events that tap into the power of film to inspire change; and launch impact campaigns to amplify the efforts of partner social cause organizations. 


CMP is at an exciting time in our growth and development. As our thinking has evolved about the impact that we can and should have, we have taken steps to grow the reach of our organization, and have put intensive focus on leveraging our platform even further to uplift under-represented films, filmmakers, and communities through dedicated programs and events. We have ambitious goals for programmatic growth in the years ahead, and are looking for a seasoned and motivated development professional with a passion for our mission to help lead the next stage of CMP’s growth and development.